Shiny Black Frame with Grey / Red Revo Polarized Lens

$160 USD
Item Number: 14NN3-SBLK-GRY-PM

Frames: Ronin Eyewear’s frames are made from injection molded polycarbonate (PC). PC frames are favored for their strength and ability to be molded into very complex shapes. PC allows Ronin to create a variety of colored frames that come in both shiny and matte finishes.

Lenses: The lenses are also made from PC with active lifestyles in mind. PC lenses are lighter and thinner—and when compared to standard plastic or glass lenses deliver four to five times the impact resistance. Ronin makes a wide range of lens types, from polarized, non-polar, gradient and colored mirror lens options, all of which offer UV protection.

Hardware: The frames are held together by nickel silver hinges to withstand the elements faced by Ronin’s athletes and consumers. Single barrel or double barrel hinges are employed to best suit the features of each frame structure. All of the frames are outfitted with Ronin Eyewear’s logo as a signature of authenticity.